Magicjack device not working And Customer Service & care

Magicjack is a wonderful VoIP device to rely upon. This highly-engineered gadget never let you face any kind of problem when it comes to communicate in detail with distant dears. As per your choice, you can contact family or friends at any point of time through this device. This pen drive shaped gizmo is easy to carry therefore you also do not face any kind of problem to carry along. Besides, its functionality is simple to execute. It just takes few minutes to make it ready to work as per the expectations.

Since, it is a technical device so possibilities for failure could not be set aside. There are a number of issues which might restrict you to reap the benefits of this machine. Never get worried on any term if any common or rare situation makes you uncomfortable on any term. There are dependable corrective steps easily available to resolve the issues on instantaneous basis. Next, we are giving details about some of the major issues and concerned procedures. Read, understand and execute the required one with full confidence. This approach will certainly help as per the high ambitions.

  • Magicjack Installation Error:

    This is the foremost exercise that you essentially have to carry out to make Magicjack working as per the expectations. It is a simple, easy and quick exercise therefore you will never face any kind of problem. However, it is essential for you to know that specialized software are needed to make this VoIP system work properly over Windows, iOS and other platforms. Therefore, always carry out the exercise intelligently. Anyway, required software is easy to find and download through official website.


  • Why can’t I start my magicJack and/or see on screen display:
    A long team of skilled researchers and technicians has configured Magicjack with dependable components and effective use of proven technologies. Thus, it never causes any kind of problem while using. In case, some kinds of issues are making you unstable while starting then try below mentioned steps:
    a) Use in new USB port
    b) Try switching On/Off (Wait for few minutes before plugging-in again)
    c) Ensure proper internet connectivity
    d) Right connectivity of cables is also necessary


  • “Error: Broken Storage”: Follow below mentioned steps to overcome the “Broken Storage” error

    a) Unplug MagicJack
    b) Hold “Shift”and plug Magicjack to computer. Release the key to prevent device from autorunning 
    c) Click “Start”
    d) Go to “My


  • Computer”

    e) Find “Vista Only”, “Phone”, or “Removable Disk” in Magicjack drive
    f) Click “Format”
    g) Click “Start”
    h) Unplug MJ
    i) Wait for a minute
    j) Plug device back to USB Port


  • “Line in use” error:

    Below mentioned steps work perfectly to overcome the aforementioned error:
    a) Do not use multi-handset cordless telephone.
    b) Try another telephone with new compatible cable
    c) Disconnect Magicjack and try with modified configuration
    d) Try switching to next USB port on computer/router
    Call to customer care staff is the final option to consider if nothing works.


  • When I attempt to use my magicJack I get a numerical error code.

    What does it mean?:
    Magicjack is an highly sensitive machine. Therefore, it detects even minor snags consequently stops working. You essentially need to know it display numerical codes, for all kinds of errors, over connected screen. If, you seen any of the error codes then follows steps underneath:
    a) Restart gadget 
    b) Switch ports
    c) Change cables
    d) Upgrade device with latest updates
    e) Talk to ISP
    These steps work properly to make you a big beneficiary with problem-free use of Magicjack


  • I uninstalled the magicApp from my device and then downloaded it again from iTunes/Google (by default/retrieve/app not working): You are advised to not uninstall the app for common use because most of your significant messages or other sorts of content might vanish on permanent basis. Talk to the certified customers first if planning doing so.


  • Wi-Fi not connected with device:

    Wi-Fi connectivity stops working due to a significant number of issues. In order to resolve this problem, you are advised to follow below mentioned steps:
    a) Verify router settings 
    b) Check! Whether power adapter is properly connected
    c) Check SSID and IP settings
    d) Ensure proper functioning of security settings
    e) Check RADIUS settings


  • Network problem: Magicjack instantly stops working if network settings are not functioning properly. If such kinds of issues are causing considerable problems then follow below mentioned steps with full confidence.
    a) Make sure you have a properly running internet connection
    b) Power adapter is perfectly connected to work properly
    c) Also check for harsh climatic conditions to experience problem-free communication


  • Magicjack not connected with device: There may be a number of issues which might restrict Magicjack to connect with the device. Whenever you go through
    such sort of problem then try steps underneath to overcome the issues.
    a) Detach both the devices
    b) Wait for sometime before connecting again
    c) Ensure proper compatibility
    d) Upgrade to the latest updates


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