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Belkin Router proves the essential need at every home/office as it helps to explore the wide world of internet with great ease. This technical product serves all subscribers with uniform performance therefore do not doubt its credentials. However, possibilities of different kinds of snags could not be kept away as it is a technical product. Some commonly occurring problems are described below:
Common problems usually occurred with Belkin router
Wired and wireless both computers lose internet connection Subscribers basically use two types of internet connections including wired and wireless. Both these connectivity conveniences however deliver commendable performance but you can also face no-connectivity issues. Never lose peace of mind during this situation. Just unplug your computer, wait for up to 30 seconds and connect again. Also, give some time to router to stable. This exercise will certainly restore the normal functioning.
Unable to connect over Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi users essentially have to make sure that gadgets are having power back up to function normally. You are also advised to ensure that Wi-Fi settings are properly configured to serve in the expected manner. Call Help Belkin Router Issue if problem persist even after trying all the steps.

Slow internet connection

Intermittent internet connection is one of the most commonly occurring problems. This snag makes it highly difficult to work with the focused mind. Most of the time, this problem occurs due to long distance between Wi-Fi router and the gadget. Make sure that gap between both the gizmos is not more than 10ft.
Router’s firmware is outdated

Router’s firmware essentially has to be updated. If, router is lacking the latest firmware then it would prove extremely difficult to fetch the required results. So, make sure that newest firmware has been updated in time bound manner so that you can meet the expectations to work in a disturbance-free manner.
Problems with the Firewall/Antivirus software
Firewall/Antivirus software is however installed to limit the damage caused by virus and other online threat. But most of the time, they also stop data packets to function normally. If such kind of situation is causing some kinds of troubles to reap the proper benefits of internet then make vital changes in the settings. This exercise in a careful way must resolve the issue on instant basis. Make sure that only right kinds of changes are carried out. Otherwise, you might face additional problems to compromise on extended terms.

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